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Hi guys a little help for the noob?

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Hi guys im looking to upgrade to watercooling for my cpu! But i live in new zealand and we dont have any good water cooling shops..

Cant seem to find the Apogee GTZ anywhere in nz

So my question is where do u guys recommend that i go to, to buy some parts and ship it internationally back to nz?
Im looking to get all swiftech parts... GTZ, pump, tygon tubing, coolant, 360mm radiator?

Any suggestions?

Teachings from masters will be appreciated

Cheers ^^
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how noob could you be if you know what a noob is?
is that a rhetorical questiON??
no but seriously i dont know where to buy parts cheaply for international shipping ><
Plz help~
Order from aussie brother, use staticice.com.au it should list some parts
Not sure which ones ship to nz tho
go to the aussie club in my sig for links to auze etailers
what craigs list? mm dont trust ebay o_0? or is it just me...
o thx mate ill give those retailers in aussie a try
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You could also try Petra's Tech Shop, they are not fully up and running with international, but they do it. I'll PM you their e-mail address for international shipping. Also, you should check out their website.

In the end i went with Petra's tech shop.
Very happy with the service and prompt delivery

Bought the following:
1x Swiftech Apogee GTZ: 64.99 USD

1x PTS Ultimate Radiator Combo: MCR320-QP (D12SL-12): 64.99 USD

1x 1 Laing D5 Vario/Swiftech MCP655 Inline 12V DC Pump: 79.99 USD

12x Tygon 7/16" ID, 5/8" OD Lab graded tubing: 35.88 USD

8x Stainless Steel Worm-Drive Hose Clamp: 8.00 USD

1x Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Rev2 Reservoir: 25.95 USD

1x Swiftech HydrX Extreme Duty Coolant: 2.99 USD

1x Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox: 17.99 USD

4x D-Tek G1/4, 1/2" OD High-Flow Fittings: 9.2 USD

Ill post some pic when i finally get this set up
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nice, post some pics and temps when you get it all set up!
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This is close to you...RADIICAL

I think these will ship Internationally;


..Petra's Tech Shop

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