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My names Jon, and I'm from the UK.
I've just done my first build, which is running extremely well! Here are the specs...

MOBO - Asus M5A78L-M USB3
CPU - AMD Bulldozer FX-4100
GPU - MSi GeForce N520GT
PSU - some sort of 750w
HDD/SDD - 1 x 60gb SDD, 1 x 80gb HDD, 1 x 250gb HDD, 1 x 500gb HDD
RAM - 8gb (4 x 2gb)
CASE - CiT Red Jupiter ATX (bottom mount PSU, side to side HDD slot, 3 x 5.25", 1 x 3.50")
COOLING - 1 x CoolerMaster 212 with 2 x 120mm fan in exhaust sequence
FANS - (space for 5), 1 x rear, 1 x bottom, 1 x front
SLOTS - Akasa fan controller, 2 x DVD RW, 1 x card reader
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
So, there's the set-up. Running about 38c with some benching (full load CPU), and about 27c on idle, just normal settings.

I'm hoping to learn how to overclock on here, as I want to use a bit of editing software, while get into a bit of PC gaming

Hope someone has a similar configuration who can lend a hand! Will post some pics soon.

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