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Hi, I'm new Here

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i came here to learn how to over clock.. i thought i knew how but, ever since AMD went from FSB to LDT/HT ive been lost. i really wanna learn to o/c cause i have items known for good o/c's. i seriously cant get my ram to run any higher then 200mhz, i jus dont under stand the bios anymore. i really hope this place can help me out, ive read alot of posts on this site that have helped alot. i think its time i joined.. HI EVERYBODY. if u can help please post.
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For your issues make a post under the AMD section. Sorry I cant help ya.
hi and welcome to OCN, is you post in the amd section i am sure someone with good experiance and knowledge will be able to help. i would but from what i have been told the quad sets up diff than my dualcore..
Welcome to OCN and enjoy your stay here.
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welcome to OCN
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