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Hi im some guy

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Just like games, wish i could find a simple job and just play games. But ugh.. u know, life is not that easy, and people expect you to do well. So annoying.

-World of Tanks
-Leauge of Legends
-Blacklight Retrobution(idk how to spell it)
-Planetside 2
-Star Conflict
-Tribes: Ascend

Looking really forward too and super hyped for
-Star Citzen
-Elder Scrolls Online
-Watch Dogs
-Anything and Everything (literal)

Other than that very, calm person.
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welcone to ocn...

how old are yo btw ? whe i first read your post i though "***" but life is no that easy for sure.. i am 30 years old married and with a 1 year old baby, and gaming and buildind rig is part of my life, all you need is balance the time you have and keep closer the important ppl who cares about you
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