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Hello fellow pc enthusiasts. My name is marlon and ive been building servers and workstations for client. And recently I've finally been able to save up and had the time to build my rig.
I wanted to have something to use for everyday. Also to use as a gaming machine (No more console gaming), music producing and video/photo editing.

Here are the specs:

-i7 4770k (OCd to 4.4ghz at 1.3v plus 0.020 adaptive, auto cpu cache ratio)
-noctua nh-d14 w/ 2 cooler master blademaster fans (idle temps at 28-30, max temps at 80 during stress tests).
-maximus vi hero motherboard
-corsair vengeance pro 2x8gb (manual, 2133 11-11-11-27 at 1.5v)
-asus gtx 770 directcu ii (OCd to 1250/8000)
-corsair ax760 psu
-cooler master storm trooper case (2 jetflos in front as intakes, 1 jetflo in bottom as intake, 1 jetflo in back as exhaust, 2 stock 120 fans in top as exhaust, using Fan Xpert II)
-samsung 840 ssd (os and important programs)
-1tb seagate barracuda (games and other programs)
-2x2tb WD (1 for music and 1 for movies)
-lg cd/dvd burner
-asus bluray
-asus bluetooth dongle

20140402_222758.jpg 2518k .jpg file

20140328_201001.jpg 1819k .jpg file

20140327_161732.jpg 2428k .jpg file


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Welcome and nice build.

If you look under this section you will see my PC specs listed. You should fill out your profile so that your specs are listed like mine.
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