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Hi,new to Overclocking (major noob warning)

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Hey there everyone. i'm new to this and hoping it will actually not kill my pc before I decide to buy/build a new one.
All I use my pc for is WoW,multimedia and the internet.What sucks is it cant handle WoW very well anymore since the newest expansion. Booooo!
Before I could run everything at max settings and never have a problem,even in large raids of 80+ people effectively. 40 good guys and 40 bad guys. Plus the npc's running around.
Now,this thing is likely to get the boot running 25 man raids or walking through major cities. Its irritating as all...heck.
K rants over I jus thought maybe it ould help to describe some of my issues to give you,the experienced people what is maybe neccesary insight.
I have about 450 bucks to work with. I need a new monitor and I'd like to get a 20" widescreen.
I can not find out what the motherboard is exactly. All I can get is the chipset info and that may be enough idk.
Hopefully I added all the specs in correctly below...
So alll in all I was wondering if its possible to overclock my cpu and gpu,the ram. Or if I would be better off builfding a bare bones system from a site like PCUSA.com. If ya'll got the time to teach me I'm more than willing to learn.
Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions!
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I would get the cheapest am2+ mobo, the cheaper phenom II x3 than what I have, ram and a mobo. That way, you might be able to get away with the psu and graphics card and stay in budget while still having the chance to get a monitor.
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