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High airflow monolithic case.

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Hello again everyone.

I am looking to a new case for my current rig to replace my 200r and I know what I want I just cant seem to find it. So I was hoping for some help.

I really like the look of the sleek smooth cases like the Define R4, 550D and 330r. However all these smooth monolithic cases are designed as quiet insulated cases, while great on the sound dampening they seem to take away from the cooling capacities of the case. I will be keeping my pc on air so air flow is my number one priority with looks being second and sound dampening last. So can I get a smooth monolithic case that has high airflow for under $200?

I plan to add another HDD and a Silver Arrow or h100i depending on what case I get. I will be lightly OCing my CPU and GPU as well.

Thanks again.
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Check out the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2. It is sleek like the Define series, but instead of being made for low noise, it is made for high air flow.

There is really no reason to not go for something like the R4 if that is the look you want. It has plenty of airflow and easily enough for your rig (assuming it's the one in your signature). Plus it will take the H100i with no problems at all.
Nanoxia Deep Silence?


The series goes from 1 to 6, 1 being the first and 6 being the latest - have in mind that only 1 & 2 has been released yet. The DS6 has a really nice Air Chimney solution, when its closed the fans stops making it completely silence for when watching movies and such - and while playing you just open the chimney and the fans start spinning.

All versions will also be available with a window.

Or if you want something a bit more extreme:

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I picked up a Fractal Define XL for my most recent build. It has that monolith look. I have replaced all the existing fans and filled the extra fan slots with high quality fans. Total case fan airflow alone is over 600 CFM. Though I must say its a poor case for an internal custom water-loop.
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