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high fan speed still hot

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so on my older system, I have a radeon x850 with gddr3 memory, which is running at 63C idle. i didnt remember what my fans were at, but when i checked, its standard at 73% and with my fan that high, i would assume that the temp should be way lower.

i have OC'd it before, but even the slightest would shut down the computer after about an hour of intense gameplay. Im assuming there is something wrong because the fan kicks up to 100% if it gets too hot, but that still isnt enough to stop it from shutting down..
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With idle temperatures like that, the core is obviously not making proper contact with the heatsink. The revving during gaming combined with the crashing further supports the theory. Take the heatsink off and replace the thermalpaste with AS5 or something similar as soon as possible.
maybe take it apart and clean all the dust out of it?

Originally Posted by Xye
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maybe take it apart and clean all the dust out of it?

it is pretty dusty, but i havent really touched the thing in years. i bought it off a freind. thats prolly a very legit reason. thanks.
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Ya, either take a air compressor and spray it down and vacuum it, or get a can of spray dust stuff. Also, if it hasn't been touched for years, definitely clean it, you might have an issue due to air flow in the fans, I would do a deep cleaning.
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