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High pitched whine...

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Hey guys, I've noticed that my 650 watt ultra psu has started to randomly emit a very high pitched whine (when my dad was over he couldn't here it but me and my friends can hear it* fine). Also this doesn't just happen while the computers on, when it is off, it still sometimes emits the whine and I have to turn off the psu itself to silence it. I was wondering, do you guys think that its a problem?
Also, I did rma my old 550 watt version and I got this back around 6 months ago.
Heres the first link I found for it:
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It happens while it's off? Then the fan shouldn't be running. Sometimes high voltage can create a whine like that... I'd be worried. Try plugging it into a different wall outlet and see if it still happens.
It's probably your capacitors crying....seriously its most likely the capacitors that are whining
Are you using the cable that came with it ?
It did that for mine, when I got my Plus.
It's happened in my last 3 builds. I'm pretty sure its normal. It usually happens during intro cutscenes to games, or on game menus. Pretty sure its the GPU, and not the PSU. It just sounds like its coming from the PSU. (Atleast in my cases)

If it's happening 24/7, even on the desktop than I would RMA, if it's only happening on intros and game menus.. it's probably normal. Just make sure you are RMAing the right part.
That's just coil squeal from the capacitors. I have heard of people having success greasing up the capacitors and making it go away, but it doesn't cause any harm, so I would leave it if I were you. There's no harm to it.
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