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Hi everyone!

I just built a mini-ITX system last night and was starting to get concerned by the high CPU as well as NB temps (~60C at idle in BIOS). I have now installed all drivers and updated to the latest BIOS and things seem more reasonable (~45C idle in Bios, for both) but I am still concerned about WHY the voltages are so high at default settings on this chip/mobo?? I am seeing folks run less voltage overclocking to 4-4.5Ghz on forums than I am running out of the box.

I am seeing 1.4v CPU and 1.275v NB

Whats even more funny is if I slap on the first "easy" overclocking profile of 3.8Ghz in BIOS the voltages for both CPU and NB go down...***

What the heck are the default TRUE voltages I should be seeing, so I can at least set them manually before I get into overclocking this thing...

A10-7700K w/ Cooler Master Hyper TX3
Corsair 430W PSU
8GB 2133 Kingston Hyperx on XMP profile 1 (1.6v 2133 - all other settings in BIOS are factory at this time)


Thank you!
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