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Originally Posted by shortfuse

Well last night i tried running memtest test #5 with no errors (5 loops) @310mhz how many loops should i run to know if this is really stable? and having a faster ram is better than having a faster fsb?

I wouldn't bother with memtest, it's never found any errors for me. If you've got a game like Quake 4 or CoD2, run that. Normally picks up any instability with the ram nice and quick and it's much more fun than watching memtest. Found that those 2 games, in particular are great for testing system stability.

The AMDs no longer have an FSB, they have HTT. On a system that has an FSB, you raise ram speed by increasing the FSB (or HT on AMD systems). Lowering the CPU multiplier only affects CPU speed, nothing else.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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