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higher overclock?

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i want to see if i can overclock my desktop more if possible any hints?
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lap your BT, put a better fan on it. have it take in fresh air trough a duct.
well heat is not a problem..yet...its staying under 55 on full load, im talking about bios hints
ah. raise FSB lol
no seriously, disable any CPU options, and other useless things.
well ive done that all all that happens is it doesnt boot...ive tried dofferent clocks and none of them yet have seemed to work..
more volts maybe. hope thats not it, as you're already near 55C.
might want to give some more info on all settings.
If the computer wont boot after you raise your FSB then you do need to raise the voltage, but at 55c load already I wouldn't recommend it.
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the thing is i dont know if its even worth the trouble to lap...cuz i raised my voltage from1.375 to 1.435 and i couldnt get from 390 to 410 on the bus
lapping the BT is certainly worth the trouble. ive read about as much as 8C lower temps only due to lapping. getting a better fan for it can also decrease temps by an additional 3-5C. this will allow you to get some higher volts.
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i have the cpu vtt at 1.2v
mch at 1.25
ich at 1.05
ichio at 1.5
and the ddr2 reference voltage at 0%
these are all the standard voltages
what should i set the tRFC to in the bios under the ram latencys?
try upping NB volts a little. FSB termination can easily go to 1.45 (at least, it does on my board)
wich one is the nb? isnt it the mch?
im giving up on this overclocking...im going to try and get my old clocks back and just leave it alone, i might even go for a little lower to keep the cpu cooler...any recomendations on a quiet fan for the bt?
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