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his 4870 1G

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Hello, i tried updating my drivers using this method:


I installed ati drivers 9.12, but in my device manager it still says that driver version is 8.582.... Why ?

thx and + rep
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What does it say in CCC?

Right click your desktop and open up CCC. Under Software Version look for Driver version.

If it is 9.2 then you're fine.

Edit: My mistake. In CCC, Information Center > Graphics Software > Catalyst Version
8.582 is the version of the video driver, and 9.2 is the version of the catalyst control center.
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I personally only uninstall my drivers through CCC, then restart in safe boot and run Drive Cleaner to get rid of all the older ATI drivers.

Then reinstall.
ok thank you guys.... then i already had 9.2 installed.... guess assassinMs creed is not crashing all the time because of the drivers....maybe a hotfix or something
Version 8.582 appearing in device manager is completely normal.

Just make sure the Catalyst driver version in CCC is correct.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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