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HIS vs Sapphire??

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The his is in stock, and just wondering if HIS is a good brand? I'm sure theyll be sold out before I make the move ahah
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they are fine. If you really want a good warranty get the XFX one, 35$ more, but it has better warranty
I don't like xfx, and it's not worth 35 more dollars
Just looking for an opinion on HIS vs Sapphire
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They're about the same I'd say.... I think both carry a 2 year warranty and have the same level of service. Just go with whichever is cheaper
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HIS hands down. Sapphire makes you pay $35 shipping to Hong Kong for an RMA.
I've owned two Sapphire 3870 Toxic cards that have been used in crossfire for two years.
Never had a problem with the cards. But never had to deal with an RMA. Really Sapphire chargers $35?
Code name for the 5850, Cypress XT is the 5870.
oh alright, I ordered it! woooo haha
Sapphire's rma process may not be the best but their quality is great. I still own all my working Sapphire cards back to 9550 pro.
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