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Hi All,

I have recently acquired (in a sale) a HIS X800Pro IceQ II VIVO 256MB AGP graphics card for £113.00 ($200.00 US). It is due to arrive with me on Wednesday 25th this month. I have read that this card is a pretty decent overclocker, supposedly able to go from a stock core of 475MHz and a stock mem of 900MHz, to a stable o/c of 547MHz Core, 1118MHz Mem, reaching 3DMark03 Scores of around 11400, all with stock cooling. I am no stranger to overclocking video cards now, mainly thanks to the good people here at overclock.net, but something I have yet to try is unlocking pipelines on a graphics card. The HIS X800Pro IceQ II VIVO I have purchased has 12 Pixel Pipelines, but I have read that this could be extended to 16, by unlocking the extra 4, if indeed they are there to be unlocked. I know that this card has the R420 GPU, the same as the XT and XTPE versions, but whether or that means I can unlock the extra pipes is something I don't know.

I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you think this card has the extra 4 unlockable pipelines and if so, what my chances of unlocking them are and most importantly, how I go about safely unlocking pipelines? Is there some test that will tell me if the card has the extra 4 pipelines to unlock, and what software will I need to permanently unlock the pipelines? If the card will comfortably o/c to 500/1000 (XT Speeds) and the extra 4 pipelines can be unlocked, should I consider changing the card's BIOS to be make it an XT, how would I go about doing this? Sorry... Lots of questions
. I'm quite excited about getting this graphics card
. I paid an X800GTO price for an X800Pro card that could, with a little luck, function quite comfortably as an X800XT!

Anyway, any help and advice would be appreciated, thanks

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