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Hitachi Drive to BenQ Drive

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Ok guys here is the situation.

My hitachi drive has crapped out in my 360 and i have loads of BenQ drives laying around, can i take the key from my hitachi and put it on the benq? without using ixtreme crap. dont want to get banned again lol.

Thanks guys
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Yes you can. Download Jungleflasher and extract the key from your Hitachi. Then connect your Benq and load it's firmware into Jungleflasher and copy/paste the Hitachi key into it. The Junglflasher PDF tells you step by step on how to do everything. Just don't load ixtreme, make sure if it asks for any kind of firmware to use the stock. If you have any other specific questions just ask. But if you already flashed a 360 before, I shouldn't really have to explain it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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