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HL2 episode 1 stuttering????

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Now really I mean this game isnt new and I can run crysis fine. I have have the cinematic mod 9.5 and hdd add on. It worked perfect through HL2 but now on episode 1 (mainly when I'm outside) it stutters and sometimes comes to a stop. Surley this game should not bring my rig down. I know there are a lot of particles floating and such outside and there is that big citadel but I didnt think this would happen. I'm using 182.06 drivers. I have overclocked, lowered my clock and ran antivirus anti malware, anti spyware and done a reg clean. Also ran cccleaner.None seems to work. Anyone able to help?:swearing:
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I had this stuttering problem as well. It would stutter while loading and while playing as well. Did it stutter before the mod was installed as well or no? If it did You can try verifying integrity of the game. If that doesnt work reinstall steam and the game itself and make sure to backup the necessary files.
Sounds like what CM8 did for me when I was running 32 bit xp.

Maybe try defragging, your CM or episode 1 files might be all over your hard drive.

Also, try running HL2 again, both ep1 and hl2 should run about the same.
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