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Hmm.. good game + good graphics and/or physx?

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Hmmm... hey guys, well i just finished playing crysis and crysis warhead which i thought was pretty good. I was wondering what game i should play now? I would really prefer an FPS or one fps like one and also one with pretty decent graphics (i like to push my rig for some reason.. =\\ ) and maybe physx? (if possible .. never really used my 9800gt ..>__< ) but yeah, Thanks guys!
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Shattered Horizon has pretty steep requirements - throw that at it
Batman Arkham Asyslum for Physx.
Its a great game.
For an FPS that is heavy.... hmm....
Well GTA4 is but its not an fps.
Stalker Clear Sky is pretty heavy. Give that a try.
The chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena is hard as hell to run. Not even a 4890 can max it.
ArmA2 for a Fps that will push your rig at max settings and is also a better game than those arcade shootem ups.
Just be warned that ArmA2 is very tactical and has a learning curve but is very rewarding.
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awesome! these sound like pretty good suggestions ill try throwing some them at my rig =] any more?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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