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HOLA :P wut up people

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Hi People!!!
I have been around computers since i was a little kid; i started with DOS, Win 9x and a P 486 running @ 100mhz if i remenber correctly. i am 20 turning 21 in 3 months. Living in las vegas so i hope i get a good 21 B-day bash =P. Anyways...

I built my first computer last fall (Sponsored by my own $$) and i am pretty happy with it.

It is a Smilodon case, which is a pain to work with, and some budget components like a E6550, P5n-e SLI and a NX8800GT OC. Anyways just wanted to say hi and any recommendations for OC'ing my babe would be great. I achieved 3.0+ on stock Intel HS but i run it stock cuz of the power bill =P. Gots to save the environment
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Hai there

Nais to see new people coming.
cough enviromentwhotsthat fold? : P cough
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welcome to OCN
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Hola Senor! Como estas?
Welcome to OCN!
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