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Home edition...no SMP?

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So...I ordered my Opteron 165. Now that I'm looking for dual core compatible apps...I found out that XP Home isn't compatible with dual cores? ***? I have to upgrade to Pro just to use my new processor? Why don't they make that more public? Is there any way to fix that? Any update for windows that changes this?

Thanks for any help. I'm really mad about this...I can't afford to buy another effing OS already.
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Originally Posted by Lucid

yes you have to upgrade your OS, home is basically a .... well...basic OS for those home users who liek ot chat and surf the web etc... pro lets you run dual cpus etc...
its worth the upgrade

Hey thanks for the reply...however I just got my opteron yesterday...and it detects both cores. Works perfectly...better benches and everything...

I'm thinking it might just be "true" smp...like 2 cpus on one motherboard that you need pro for...

Meh. Thanks anyways.
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