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Alright, so im one of those dumb people who went out and bought a SMART TV that can supposadly "Access files over a network and stream media content from a pc or other device suppornt DLNA" Which everything on my network supports, HEres the list of crap on my network. And how its done.

My laptop> adhoc(Wireless)>HTPC>Modemrouter>Internet
My desktop>Adhoc(Wireless)>HTPC>Modemrouter>Internet
Mothers laptop>Wireless>Mmodemrouter>internet
Samsung TV>wireless>Modemrouter>HTPC/Internet
Sisters laptop>Wireless>Modemrouter>Internet

Why do i keep my desktop and laptop adhoced to the HTPC? because its the only machine directly connected to the modem, And when everyone else is youtubing and doing stuff, the wireless network becomes too unresponsive to play games on, As such i go through the HTPC and avoid the limitations of wireless "Multi-tasking" as they call it.

I've got a...

D-LINK DSL-2730B Wireless N modem router combo.

Heres the issue, MY samsung TV can SEE my HTPC, It can even access the folders, But every time i go to play a file over the network it simply says "File Not supported" Now i can take that "Not supported" File, Put it on a flash drive, plug it straight in, and it works plays said file perfectly fine, Someone said a while back that this is a limitaton of DLNA which i have no idea because the DLNA website gives me gibberish.

The second question i have is, Can i boost the adhoc speeds by any chance? All three devices are wireless N capable, two of wich can do 300M and the HTPC(Old laptop) Does wireless N 150, Yet all of them refuse to do that, and only run at 11, which is fine for gaming, But when i want to download something i totaly luck out. (PS Reception is 100% for all devices)

The Third is, Can windows share... A connection say..

A machine with two wireless network cards and a WIRED NiC is setup like this

Wireless net A>Adhoc
Wireless net B>Differant Adhoc
Can both A and B share the wired connection?

oh and i have minblastingly SLOW NETWORK SPEEDS I MEAN HOLY DAMN Everything is rated for Wireless N and i get transfers from the wired media center to a wireless destination and vice versa when nothing else is using the network of about 900k/sec

Hope this crap makes sense
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