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Hello Overclock!

Looking for some professional support with a Home Server / Network build....system is as follows :

Setup :

1 x Gaming PC (Office)
1 x Sony Smart TV (Office)
1 x Drobo 5D (Office - USB - no Ethernet) with 24 TB Media connected to Gaming PC Office
1 x Sony Smart TV (Living Room)
1 x Samsung Tablet S2 (Mobile Device)
1 x Asus Router (Living Room)

I currently don't have a dedicated Server PC

What I Want :

- I want to be able to watch stored content across all devices.
- I do not require to be able to access my content from outside my house.
- I want to be able to upload new content from the Gaming PC to the server.
- Minimal cabling

Help Needed :

1. Do I need a dedicated Server PC? If not, would one be recommended ?
2. What other Hardware / Software do I need ?
3. Can I keep the media stored on the Drobo ?
4. Can I achieve Netflix like streaming via Wi-Fi ?
5. Would you recommend PLEX or another software ? Figuring TV compatibility will be bad with such software.

Thanks In Advance!

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You can with that beast Router, I have a 4820 sandy cpu in my htpc 24 TB worth of HDDs I just have it hooked to my router then use Kodi on a shield console as built in players for smart TVs are pure hot garbage.

You could just link you're Nas to server share the media on LAN that way. Long as you're gaming PC and server are on same workgroup you can setup shares and access them wirelessly from within network no problem.

I don't even have internet ATM and wireless streaming to my shield via Kodi works flawlessly in 4K.

If need any further help lemme know I have similar setup and iv upgraded my media network from a garbage 24 monitor to 4K TVs dedicated player and a server based on serving main rig and multiple TVs. console's.

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You could build a small media server based around something like this, and wrap everything in a U-NAS NSC 800 chassis. The motherboard only has 6 SATA ports, so one you get to a point where you need to accommodate an extra two drives, you could add something like an LSI SAS-9207-8i to connect up the storage drives. You may be able to downgrade the i7-7700 to something in the i5 range, but since I don't do video transcoding I wouldn't know how to judge it in terms of horsepower. For the actual storage, you could go with Western Digital Red, Seagate Ironwolf or the equivalent HGST or Toshiba drives.

O.S.-wise, just go with what you're comfortable with. DLNA/UPnP software such as Plex, Emby and Serviio can deliver content to all of your devices. An alternative would be to use a NAS distro such as OpenMediaVault with the MiniDLNA plugin. It might be worth playing with these options in virtual machine before you commit to buying hardware. :)

I also specced out a build based around the Ryzen 5 2400G but that CPU has issues running under Linux at the moment, at least as far as available distros are concerned. Something else to watch out for is that motherboards will need to be running an updated BIOS to even run a 2400G - the obvious issue being that you would need a a non-G Ryzen (and a graphics card) in order to perform the BIOS update, plus the fact that there are no guarantees that motherboards sitting on shelves are new enough to have been have already been updated.

I re-read your post and realised that you have the DROBO already! :D There's nothing stopping you from simply connecting it to the proposed build using USB 3.0. It would also stave off having to buy storage drives any time soon. :)
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