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Home Theater PC advice

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I want to put a PC in my living room with a wireless keyboard and mouse....

I will use my LCD TV as the monitor.

Basically what I will use it for is to play music, stream videos, and watch movies directly from the tb HD that I will have installed.

What is the minimum video card requirements for something like this??? I have a small form factor PC that I am thinking of using but the mobo inside only has an AGP port.

I will not use this PC for any type of gaming and I am assuming that the resolution of my tv is 1920x1080

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Depends on the motherboard. I don't even run a video card in my HTPC, just onboard graphics and it handles QAM and ATSC HD perfectly fine. For just streaming videos and the like from the internet, you more than likely won't need a card, but it really depends on the on board video and the processor. Also, be sure to install the flash 10.1 beta, it will help a lot with Hulu and other flash based sites. List the mobo and processor being used and we can go from there.
ASUS Radeon HD 3450 ??

The machine I am installing this in is a p4 with a gig of RAM.....

My only requirements for a card is that it must be low-profile, AGP, and be able to support 1080p..
Here is my setup just so you can see and it handles 1080p without any issues.

Some cheap ASUS mobo 775.
E4300, 2x1GB OCZ, 7900GTO 512MB
Logitech wireless keyboard / mouse combo + a media pc remote control
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If you really plan on watching only HD 1080p movies.

My bro has this setup and it plays HD perfectly:
intel E5200 dualcore
1GB ram
ATI HD3650

I dont think a single core P4 can handle HD unless its one of those 3.2 Ghz +
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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