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Good evening!

Looking to get a newer setup. I recently renovated my basement and could use some updated audio stuff to go along with the new C9 OLED. The stuff I had been using I got a long while back when my budget was much different. I am not sure exactly what max budget is going to be. I was thinking probably around $3,000 but can be a little flexible if reasonable.

My current setup is:
A pair of Polk Monitor T65 towers (Bi-amp'd)
Mirage Omni S8 Sub
Yamaha RX-V675

I am not really looking for surround, I'd rather invest more of the budget into some higher quality speakers.
I was thinking something along the lines of a pair of towers, a center, higher power receiver and go from there on what to do about the sub. I don't need crazy booming bass. As far as bass goes I prefer tighter more accurate bass.

Thanks for your input!
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