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Standard PVC Products
Transparent PVC Products
Copper Plumbing Products

Required Materials
Drillbit 1/2"
Electric Drill
PVC Cement
G3/4" Barbs (x2)
PVC Pipe 12"L x 3"D
PVC Dome Cap 3"D (x2)
Copper 90° Elbow 1/4" ID (x2)
Transparent 3/8" ID Tubing 8"L

Materials Laid Out

Mark PVC Pipe for Cutting

PVC Pipe Cut

Caps Test Fitted

Used Level to Find Center of Cap

Hole Drilled for Barb With 1/2" Drillbit

Barbs Test Fitted and Epoxyed

Hole Drilled for Copper Elbow with 3/8" Drillbit

Copper Elbow Test Fitted and Epoxyed

Completely Assembled and Painted Matte Black
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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