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Dear overclock community,

I want to share my feeling concerning my first custom mechanical keyboard.
From a view of a gamer I tried to find the perfect mechanical gaming keyboard for me.

Earlier I used only brand fractured keyboards with brown or blue Cherry MX switches.
I got bored. There are so many switches I want to try and feel the difference.
Kailh, zealios, gateron .... blue, brown, red, clear ....
I was looking for the possibility to try every switch and color I want.

So here we are.
I contacted @meckeyalpha https://www.instagram.com/meckeyalpha and got the service I was looking for.

Here are some Pics.
I will left all parts linked for you at the bottom:

*Keyboard Parts by MecKey Alpha:*
[MA60 60% Hot Swappable Keyboard DIY Kit](https://meckeyalpha.com/collections/diy-kits/products/ma60-60-hot-swappable-keyboard-diy-kit?variant=43057979342)
[GH60 plastic keyboard case (white)](https://meckeyalpha.com/collections/custom-parts/products/caplwh001)
[Zealios / Cherry / Kalih / Gateron switch](https://meckeyalpha.com/collections/switches)
[LED diodes](https://meckeyalpha.com/collections/custom-parts/LED)
[CORSAIR GAMING PBT Double-shot Keycaps Full 104/105-Keyset — White](https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-Parts/pbt-config/p/CH-9000234-WW)
[CORSAIR Gaming Performance FPS/MOBA Key Kit — Grey](https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/ACC-Series/ACC-Color/fps-key-kit-config/p/CH-9000232-NA)

Feel free to comment.
Greetings, Zanooda

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Is it really necessary to have a bunch of different random switches? Would have made more sense to get a switch tester to try out the ones you were interested and then make a board with the ones you like.
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