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I searched on here and found dozens of people posting issues with getting their storage drive to resume after sleeping. I had the same problem with my storage drive, and I would have to unplug the SATA cable and plug it back in to get the drive to show up. Other people stated they had to restart, but that is not really needed.

Per M$, the storage drive is not resuming fast enough and times out when you wake up the computer from sleep. The problem occurs on large storage drives, they state in excess of 1 TB.

The resolution is actually in this hotfix that dates all the way back to 2009! You simply click "view and request hotfix downloads" at the top and they email you a 1 time download link to the fix. You would think the hotfix would be in a Windows update, but it was not on my machine.

Rather than post the resolution I found in each topic, I decided to post one time about it in hope that people search and find this. I hope this might help other SSD users that utilize large storage drives.
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