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So I've got a 4930K with a Gigabyte X79-UD3 motherboard, and I recently decided to overclock it, and settled on [email protected] fixed vcore. With turbo LLC I basically eliminated vdroop so load voltages are the same if not lower. Quite stable so far unless I run Cinebench R23 with unlimited power limit, which is too hot for my D14 to handle and BSOD due to heat. But after reading all over the forum, it seems that I've gotten pretty lucky in the silicon lottery, as I've seen others struggling to get 4.5 at 1.4V:p.
So my question is, have I really gotten a good overclocker or is the voltage sensor on this 8 years old motherboard inaccurate?
PS: this is not about CPU-Z vcore vs bios vcore more about sensor reading vs actual voltage
PS2: VR VOUT reports slightly lower volts than vcore reading in OCCT under load
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