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How are these temps

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I am getting an AZZA solano case and wondered if I need a new HSF.
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44 idle? or 44 on load? 44 idle isn't the greatest but as long as your load temps dont reach above 61-62, you should be fine.

EDIT: OK, im pretty positive those are idle temps. The big jump in temperature from 1.35 volts to 1.38 gives me the impression that you might want a new HSF if you want to heavily overclock your cpu
Your temps look fine. I'd be worried more about your voltages being all over the place.
the voltage thing isn't right; i think it depends on the mobo, cuz i know mine is all wrong, but perfect in bios
sorry here is load

is there a way of stabilizing the v core.. All is stock. Would a bios fix that?
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and for youra6's comment it was 63 idle before I got an Akasa vortex to bring it down
My gosh I thought those voltages were manually set by you and the program just kept track of the temperature at each voltage settings...

But they arnt... can u please put down a system specs so we help you more effectively? and what CPU/PSU are u using?
xfx 8200 mi-a78s-8209 mobo
nextherm 460 psu
Phenom II x 4 945 95W
xfx 9800gt 512 mg
corsair pc2 6400 2x2 gig

How do you get specs in signature
User CP\\Add system\\fill in to the best of your ability
the wattage on the PSU is sufficient for your setup but the brand sounds kind of effy. I have never heard of it.

Although Guru3d did give it a good rating

I would do the following:

*Turn off Cool'n'Quiet in the BIOS
*Make sure your 12V railings work properly
* reseat the HSF and get some Artic Silver 5 thermal grease on the CPU

Originally Posted by youra6 View Post
*Turn off Cool'n'Quiet in the BIOS
WTH else could that be...please tell me thats cool and quiet at work

Ehh yeah he said he is at stock so thats what it is

Oh no my vcore's broke too
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Cool and quiet was not on but my vcore was on auto , so I set it to 1.35 and now it goes from 1.33 to 1.38. when you look at my hwmonitor pics you see 4 core temps and a cputin temp. They are different and I would like to know why. CPUTIN matches bios
O.K. my cpu temp went to 116c during a sandra burn in. It stayed there until I reset and then went to 39c. This temp is faulty. I think I will go with coretemp

Originally Posted by jimibgood
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Your PSU is a weak link.

Another excellently explained response to boost post count. However, I do agree to a point. When my Antec 550w was dying, plugging in additional case fans caused temps (CPU included) to rise and my PC to lock up.

Anyways, I'd go by the CPUTIN temperature, since core temperature vary per chip, and the CPUTIN is a sensor on the motherboard on the CPU.

My 7750 had core temps of 13 - 25C, my AII X3 has core temps of 20 - 35C. This was with the same cooler, but the X3 is 45nm so technically it should have lower temps. Since I got my H50 they've been lower, but I can't check them currently because I've unlocked the CPU and the core temperature sensors are disabled now.

As far as I know the individual core temps on these chips shouldn't and wont go to 60C, but CPUTIN will (which is the temperature of the entire processor), and that's the temp you need to watch. It's always worked for me.

I might be wrong though, anyone else have any thoughts on that?

Edit: Here are my temps while idle.
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