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How can I use these LAN drivers????

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I dont know how to use these files and I need these drivers!!!

REP for who knows how to use it.
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3.2 Updating the driver

To update the driver, proceed as follows:

1. On the desktop right click on MY COMPUTER.
2. Select MANAGE.
3. In the "Device Manager" select the adapter you wish to update.
4. Double click.
5. Select DRIVER.
6. Click UPDATE DRIVER ... .
7. Follow the instructions given by the operating system to locate the driver.
8. If the driver which is found to be the latest is not the one you want
to install, select the checkbox "Install one of the other drivers".
9. Click NEXT.
10. Select the driver to be installed in the next listbox.
11. Click NEXT.
If a message is displayed saying that the driver is not digitally signed
by Microsoft, click YES.
12. The message "Windows has finished installing the software for this
device" is displayed.
13. Click FINISH to complete the installation.

Please note that the latest version of the YK51X86 driver is
available for download from our web site.

Taken from the text doc included.

so basically unzip the files, go to update drivers and point to the folder of the unzipped files.
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Didnt double click the website.... TY
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