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Upfront, I don't know anything about overclocking, GPU or otherwise. That said, I noticed something interested when running Furmark today with my new EVGA GTX 670 FTW.

It said "Core Clock: 705 MHz".

I was pretty sure it was supposed to be higher than that so I checked out Newegg's specs:

Core Clock: 1006MHz

Also, Newegg says that the boost clock is 1084MHz, but I didn't see that anywhere in Furmark.

So, what's up with this 705 MHz? I just want to make sure my card is actually running as fast as it's supposed to..

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Hey mate

1-) Download GPU-Z

2-) Run it

3-) Under the Graphics Card Tab you will see Bus Interface and right next to it there is a Blue Question Mark. Click it

4-) Click Start Render Test. A new pop up window will open saying Render Test, leave it on

5-) Go to the GPU-Z application again and click the SENSORS tab

6-) There you can see Gpu Core Clock and what level it hits max.

Just be sure that you are not caping your FPS by programs such as MSI afterburner etc...
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