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how can recover files from a hard drive

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every time we try to boot up the desktop it freezez at the start screen. I cannot open any program, folder, or even the task manager.

I have tried everything except for formatting the HD. Is there a program or process that i can do to recover some files? like pics,music, etc..
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Have you tried booting into Safe Mode to see if you can get in there that way? Unfortunately - a reformat does a pretty good job of deleting a drive. Though it is not completely erased - there is very little chance that you will recover anything meaningful from any program or process. Normally - what you will recover are fragments of data that will be unusable in the future.

Is there any chance you have an alternate Hard Drive to boot from and then try and access the problem drive. If anything - you could probably find a 40GB - 80GB drive for practically nothing which you could load windows onto and then boot up. Once your in windows - you can then access the problem drive and copy/save/backup whatever you need.

I keep an older 40GB IDE drive around just for that exact scenario.
Try Recuva.

It's served me well in the past, and should do what you're asking.

It's easy to use too.

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