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How can you tell if a programmer is good or not?

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I am a software dev with 10+ years, and I really dont know how to answer this. I look at other peoples code and feel envious, but they feel the same about my code too. So, when I was looking for a job, when i was asked how good of a developer i was, I really didnt know how to answer it. Being good or bad at something is relative to others. My vision can be 20:300 , but when everyone around me is blind, my vision is good. So how do you compare yourself to average? I also have high expectations, but once again thats a relative term based on a relative value... Ughhhhh.. Then there is skills in different areas... I suck at java, but i can get by. I have never written in GO , but i can learn fast... sooo? Is it a combination of experiences in areas that match yours? In a job interview is it what aligns with their current projects?

1. How do you know if your a good or bad programmer?
2. How do you know that other person is a good programmer.
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Just check to see how good the error trapping is. There are a lot of programmers nowadays who skimp on error trapping (a pet peeve of mine because it usually results in inaccurate error messages).
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