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How cool would this be?

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When I rebuild my comp in Jan this is what I'm thinking of doing. Water cooling with either a trip rad or double, but the real cool thing about it would be the custom top piece which would house the rad and a water fall. The water fall would be fed by the gpu and would make a spout at the top and trickle down a stairway type water fall. Maybe blood red or uv red. Worth doing?
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Hell yes it's worth doing.
Oh if your wondering what that blue squiggle is on the bottom, its a secondary water fountain thing. I'm pretty sure some company makes on like that for an 80mm hole.
I like it. I was planning on doing a double wall face panel taht hadthe loop circulate through it...I like the waterfall in a LC rig...gonna do it sooner or later..that res would be a piece of work for sure...
At work we have tons of crap pieces of plexi, so I think I might go snatch some. Just some epoxy glue and some copper barbs should do the trick. Hell, I might even make it even though I don't have any water cooling. No stealin my designs now Cyber
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You should make the waterfall steps out of the plexi, too, and put LEDs or CCs underneath them.
I have never seen anyone do something like that as a computer mod before. That in and of itself is reason enough to attempt it
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Very nice, only thing i would say to add would be LED's. Maybe add them under the glass to give somewhat of a glow to it. Give the case a red and black or green and black style would look great.

I'd cover the water though so you don't get garbage in it.

Gotta keep the dust and cheetos out of it.
Yeah well it would be sealed because the smell of wet cheetos makes me gag. As for the steps maybe I would use uv acrylic so only the bottoms would glow with some sick green water.
It would be cool if a case mod comp was coming up, but they're in like winter right?
Make sure you use lots of caulking. It's a really awesome idea, something I would of never thought of.
I work in a hardware store so I know what I'm doing.
I clear epoxy glue would be easier and turn out better if using plexi.
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Alright, I'm going to build this. Its going to me a modular unit that can be placed on the top of a case.

Here's what I need from you guys on the forum

1. Size of the top section of your case.

2. What kind of radiator should be placed in it? Triple or double?
I would imagine the most common rad solution used is the dual 120mm setup. So if you find the thickest rad out there, add on the thickness of a 120mm fan, and add on a little wiggling space, you're golden. You'll probably also need some L-bends to attach to the radiator, since most of them seem to have the intake and exit on the "flat" side.
wait... ur gonna poor sawdust nd make a waterfal out of it? i unno, but u may get pwned..
It would have to be sized to a particular case as they all vary. Most cases would only be long enough to fit a 240 and leave any room up front. Using uv for the steps is a grat thought--a single 4" ccl under there would light everything diffusely...My idea is much different...my original waterfall notion was the entire side panel--with the fluid flowing down a sandblasted etching of a waterfall lol...but then after doing the acrylic front for the 900 I figured how to make a double wall front piece and have the fluid going down one side and up the other lol...

I like yours...less engineering involved--and no tedious routing and sandblasting.. If it get's too complex it never happens..
never seen or heard of it but that would be frikin awsome
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