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How difficult is a hackintosh setup?

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Never tried before, but how hard would it be or is it possible for Mac os x to run without virtual desktops (vmware etc) on my sig rig? Will it even run virtually?

Thanks guys!
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iDeneb looks interesting... Anyone ever try that?
It's illegal. Can't discuss it, sorry

Against Apple's TOS.
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it's funny that you say it againts the TOS. I find OCN tends to turn a blind eye to hachintosh
There's an entire Hackintosh users thread on here.

It's against the TOS to discuss how to obtain a patched copy, and it's against the TOS to discuss how to do it.

But, it's not that hard as long as you have compatible hardware. You need to go elsewhere like the OSX86 Wiki, and check your hardware, and then find a compatible build.

Most likely InsanelyMac will help you out more than here for this issue, as they have more forums dedicated to OSX86 and discussing how tos for it on here is against the rules.

If you're asking for help about it then I would head to the site I mentioned and figure out something there. I would also buy a retail copy of OS X so that you have the license yourself. Don't even bother if you aren't going to get a License as that's illegal.

There's nothing illegal about stating you're a Hackintosh user, but it's illegal to discuss how to do it, and what to do. You need to head somewhere else.
Interesting, sorry. I didn't know it was so evil.... Thanks for the info guys.

Originally Posted by JCasper View Post
Interesting, sorry. I didn't know it was so evil.... Thanks for the info guys.
It's not evil, but it's the same thing as talking about 360 flashing. It's illegal and against the original products TOS. It would be the same as downloading an unlicensed copy of Windows. It's not legal to build one, but it's illegal to show how to get one working, as you're going against the TOS of Apple and running a patched version of their own OS, which is licensed for use only on a licensed Mac computer.

The reason it's illegal to discuss here is because we don't need more problems so it's better to keep things not discussed to keep this site out of risk of having problems.

Not evil, just illegal.
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Pain in the ass when I tried it on my P5N-D, but my friend bought a 100% compatable intel mobo, and his installation was easy.
It is illegal so find the thread others mentioned. We may be hypocrites but we aren't stupid?
It's not evil, as long as you actually buy the full version of the OS before you download a hacked (aka free and unlocked to run on x86 PCs) version of the OS. As for how hard it is, most of the difficulty is to get everything (wireless, ethernet, display, etc) to work flawlessly. Hope that helps.
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