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How do i...change resolution with a batch file?

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Hope this is in the appropriate section...

I have an annoying bug that I am looking to get around. Every time I load up Ventrilo, my resolution on the main monitor goes to 640x480 (or maybe it's 800x600...whatever), I don't know why but it's really irritating.

I want to make a simple batch file to reset my resolution to 1440x900 and just leave it on the desktop to switch back whenever it happens.

I'm thinking what I need is whatever file manages resolution and what parameters to run it with.

Can anyone help me on this? Preferably without people telling me to reinstall vent, which I could do, and it would work, but hell, I don't learn anything doing it that way now do I?

nvidia video card if that matters.

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"C:\\Program Files\\MultiRes\\MultiRes.exe" /1440,900,32 /exit
start /w notepad changeres.bat
"C:\\Program Files\\MultiRes\\MultiRes.exe" /restore
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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