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How do I fix this Dell?

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My friends dell has crashed due to the common missing system 32 problem. The easiest and most full proof solution is to just restore the system to factory defaults. The problem is the computer did not come with any restoration disks and my restoration disc doesn't work on it. What is the easiest way to get the computer up and running?

-on a side note, i have realized dell makes the crappiest cases that impossible to open. For some reason dell thought it was a good idea to make a completely non traditional case to asspound their costumers.-
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hmm...asspound..i like that term lol

but yeah, what about trying to reinsttall windows itself...like u know...not format but it byitself? im not sure if that would work because of the drivers...but its worth a try
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do a full re-install....tell him to call dell, they'll walk him through the entire procedure...i had to do that, it was a pita but it worked....i had a corrupter NTFS.sys file...
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