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how do i know the limit of my p4 overclocking?

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hi all my pc is:
albatron 945gc
ram 2gb 667
ATX 500watt 12+ 20amp
p4 2800 w/o HT

im was able to overclock it to 3300=157*21 boot/unstable i pushed it to 161*21=3400 but i couldnt boot so i cleared cmos increased the vcore by 50mv from 1.38 to 1.43 but it's not boot agin now im settle on 3200 152*21 without vcore increase
its not good overclock but its better than nothing ,my p4 bottleneck the all newer games i have to pushed it more to make games more playable at least 3600 ,

so is 3400 is the limit of my crap p4?

i have also problem in my powersupply when i play the 3.3 drops to 3.18
and +12v( i cant view it from windows just from bios) is 11.4 (without load)maybe this is the problem? what do u say?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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