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How do I make a partition greater than 2TB? Resolved

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I have Vista Business 64 bit and a Perc 5/i controller with a RAID 5 array of 4x 750GB drives. The total space available is about 2,100 GB, however windows won't let me have more than 2048GB in one partition. It is formated NTFS. How do I fix this?

Would exFat solve this problem? Or a different allocation size?

Edit: Here is a picture of the problem. There are 50GB of space that can't be used FOR ANYTHING!
Edit2: Just figured it out. I had to configure it using GPT instead of MBR. This allows the use of more than 2TB.
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This doesn't answer your question, but, why such a massive partition? Why not create 2 or 4 partitions?
This appears to be a function of cluster size - the number of clusters is the actual limit, so the larger the cluster, the larger the partition can be.
Yeah man just use a couple of partitions, I see no reason to want such a huge partition.
It isn't just the partition size. It is a disc size issue. I can't use more than 2TB on the disc TOTAL. I can't make the other 50GB it's own partition unless i shrink the 2TB partition.
In Vista's Disk manager you can shrink or expand partitions
I just found out how to solve the problem. Using the MBR table method only allows 2TB per disc. I have to use GUID Partition Table (GPT) to allow more than 2TB of data per drive.
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