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how do i minimize vista 64 bit resources and start up

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I need to bring down the amount of processes from 78, also i would like to know how and which programs i should stop from starting and such. Pretty much i want to minimize resources and lessen the amount of processes running, what do i need to do for you to help me out?
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Run -> msnconfig - > Startup tab -> Uncheck everything you don't need to start when you boot into Windows.

What you do and don't need depends on what sort of programs and processes that set to start when you enter Windows. But basically you can uncheck a lot of them since most of the startup programs ain't needed.

Vista uses a lot of processes, but 78 is quite a few.. I have like 50-55 when I've just entered Windows.

If your a bit unsecure on what to uncheck and what to leave a picture would be helpfull do help you determine what you need and what you don't need to start.
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type in run: msconfig - click the startup tab and turn on/off what you want

EDIT: ChristianEx just got in first

I run windows 7 and only get 40 processes - and it goes down to 36 - 37 after 10 or so min
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Here is a pretty decent starter set of things to tune for better performance:


Here is another one that is a little more in depth:

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thanks everyone i am converting a movie right now in hd so i will try this later tonight. Reps added.

You may want to check this thread out at Black Viper's site.....

Vista Tweaks

Weirdo124 posted this guide as well....

Vista Supercharge

Give them a go....they helped me a bit!
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If you have enough patience, try this:

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Service Configurations

It's the last part of the tweaks Guttboy has posted.

It will cut your memory usage noticeably. I tried his "SAFE" changes and they, indeed, were safe.
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Glad this is all working out for you doat!

Keep us updated on your progress....I would be curious as to what you did and how it affected your machine!
well the problem with most of these guides is they take away the visuals and i want it to look the same just lessen the amount of processes. Im still working out which programs i can stop and such. I will update with performance results.
wow just from doing a quick run through of the start ups and everything it dropped from 78 processes to 46
UPDATE: vista has been loading up quickly but sometimes it runs slow like when i open my quick launch menu, the menu opens up but its all white at first then it takes a sec to show everything.
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