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How do I mount my slim fan to my H100i?

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The Scenario:

Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker
3x Noctua NF-F12
1x Gelid Solutions Slim 12 PL

The Goal:

Mount the H100i to the top of the case in push-pull, with 2xNoctua NF-F12 and the radiator inside the case, and 1xNoctua NF-F12 and 1xGelid Slim on the top of the case.

The Problem:

1) Cooler Master, in all their infinite wisdom, decided to put a metal brace across one of the top fan mounts. The height of the brace too low for 25mm thickness fans and only allows for ~17mm thickness fans to be installed.

2) The long radiator screws that Corsair packages with the H100i do not thread all the way up to the flat top of the screw. The threads only go up about halfway, so 13-14mm. The Gelid slim fan is 15.8mm.

3) If I want to mount my fan to the radiator, the screws are too long for the slim fan, and the threads do not go high enough that I can use washers.

4) If I mount the radiator first, I can no longer install the slim fan the "regular way" (by screwing short, thick fan screws through the case to bite into the plastic of the fan shroud) because the radiator is there instead of open space...

5) If I mount the fan first, then there are rounded screw heads sticking out from the underside of the top of the case, which offsets the radiator and puts uneven pressure on it. I also will not be able to screw the radiator on that side, because the holes for the screws are now taken up by the fan's screws.

The Plea for Halp:

HALP! How can I possibly mount this slim fan and the H100i?

Obviously, different length screws would do the trick, but I have no idea what the nomenclature of radiator screws are or what length I need (more than 15.8mm because it has to screw through the case metal width and into the radiator a bit, but what length is that and does it even exist?) and I haven't been able to find even the nomenclature for "regular" 25mm fan-width radiator screws!

I could cut the damned metal handle off, but that's an absolute last resort and..makes me feel bad about buying the slim fan...

I'm really at a loss here about what to do... Can anybody help me?

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Where are you located? If you live in Europe, UNC 6-32 screws are hard to buy. I think you need about 20mm of screws, that should be enough for adding a fan grill. The ones that come with the H100 are 1.25" IIRC (31.75 mm). The closest would be 7/8" (22mm) or 3/4" (19mm).

Besides that, you can use short 6-32" (1/4" long I think) screws to attach the fans to the rad and then your normal screws to attach the fans to the case.
The problem with using that 6-32 screw you mentioned is that they're too short. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because there is usually a gap in between the front and back of the fan shroud, right?
Like this on the corners of the fan.

Yet another frustrating problem is the Gelid fans don't have that gap...the frame is solid all the way through. Which means any screw that I put through it needs to have enough length so that the screw head can sit on the outside of the shroud. The slim fan doesn't have the luxury of being able to slip a screw in between the shroud and then tighten it with a screw driver.
I see, solid corners. Can you go for the 22mm or the 19mm ones?
Haven't been able to find any of those in non-bulk packaging :/ And if 25mm radiator screws are 30mm long, wouldn't I need 20.8mm long screws for the 15.8mm slim fan? Gahhh, oddball thickness
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Cut the screw?
You can use cutter if you have but carefully. Personnaly, I didn't use any of these option because I have this :

I dont know if you can get a pair, they are pretty usefull when you do some microelectronic stuff (to that the sleeve of a copper wire) and I paid them like 10$.

Edit : You put the screw in the middle, in the right size slot, screw it a bit, the length you want and snap it. Clean cut.

Oh an still not an Engineer, 2 years left... -.- 4 semester left... half way done
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Look like they are call : Wire Stripper because their main function is to take the rubber sleeve from copper wire bit they do more, like cutting screws
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