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How do I record Itunes radio?

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I love listening to Itunes radio, and I did a search, and found some ways to record it, but you have to pay for it. I was hoping someone found a free easy way to do it?
It will need to:
Be able to know when next song is playing played, and make a new MP3 for it
Drag and drop radio stations
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I wasnt gonna suggest this since its kind of a pain, but since no one else has suggested anything: You can use audacity (free audio recording program) to record the audio that goes out your computer (i.e whatever is making noise, at studio quality even if you wish) and then you would have to cut each track manually. Its not perfect, but its free. Also, be aware you have to dl some .dll to export files in mp3, its a free file, just saying, be aware.
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