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How do I run cooler?

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I am running a 945 Pentium D and an Nvidia 8800 I am water cooled (just my CPU and I have the following numbers (CU, AMB1, AMB2) idle: 45, 47, 44, and 62, 54, 57. I have a 120MM fan at the front of my case and one in the back attatched to the radiator, then a 140+ fan on my PSU right above (facing down) the rear fan.
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get a better fan for your rad?
I have the Thermaltake ones that move like 80CFM at home, I will get those next weekend, looking for other ways, thanks though.what is the low limit for voltage on a 945? and how does lowering voltage affect my performance?
Lowering your voltage will make it less stable.
Whens the last time you took apart your loop and cleaned it out thoroughly?
two days ago I cleaned it
so will raising it increase stability?
increasing my voltage one step fixed stability and cooling problems, didn't realize I was still running default voltage.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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