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How do I save my current mobo bios?

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So I have the F4 Bios and I want to flash to the F8 Bios. The F4 Bios is nowhere on Gigabyte's site.

How can I save my current bios?
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Here is the F4 BIOS:

Just save the file to your hard drive or thumb drive and you can go back to it when/if you need to.

Here is another link up to the F6a BIOS: LINK
If you are flashing, I remember somewhere someone said to flash 1 bios at a time. Work your way up. You can save it via q-flash. Save it to a floppy disk. It gives you the options before you flash.
You can save your BIOS anytime with the @BIOS program, there is a button called "Save Current BIOS to file". Do note, I don't recommend Flashing your BIOS with @BIOS, I only mention this app to save your current BIOS to file.

And as mentioned above, you can also use Qflash to save your current BIOS to file, either USB, Floppy, or a FAT12/16/32 Partition

You do not need to flash in order, you can flash to and from any BIOS version as long as your CPU is supported. Here is a Qflash guide I wrote up >>
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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