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How do I speed up fans and improve cooling?

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so i got a inel motherboard and an intel CPU
my computer runs a little wierd but i have learned to cope with it
when i play a specific online game that uses java it brings my cpu useage to 100% ...
i cant figure out why.. i have a pretty decent processor and a okay motherboard.. i also recently found out that my cpu runs at about 55-65 C
and its not overclocked...
is there any simple ways to bring my cpu temp down and efficiency up?
also i noticed that my rear fan and cpu fan only go between 1000-1250 rpmsis there any way that i can make those run faster as well so there is moe cooling on my cpu?


also if you want to know my processor and motherboard specs its below ... on my system specs
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The Celeron D you have (3.06GHz, 345) is rated to operate at 67.7C, so do not worry about the temperature as you are within the limits.

However if you do wish to adjust fan speed I would have to recommend "attempting" to use SpeedFan, this application, if your motherboard supports it, will allow you to change the speed of your fan. If it can not be done this way then I would advise the purchase of a fan controller
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