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How do you back up grid profiles?

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How do your backup profiles for grid on vista?
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I think it's possible that it might be as easy as just going into the Program Files folder for Grid and copying a folder or two to a safe place, and then put them back where they came from after a fresh installation.

For example, and it's a crappy one, but with Quake 4 (the latest game I own
), all I have to do is go to C:\\Program Files\\id Software\\Quake 4 and save the folder named "q4base". It contains a ton of data. But all of this data happens to be everything I need (and nothing else) to be able to format and then continue the game right where I left off (right down to the auto-save and my game settings).

So, take a look and see if you can tell what should be saved. If you're confused, then feel free to post screenshots of the files and folders, or type out the details of the folder structure and what not. I'd love to try and help. But I would need to be able to see everything just as freely as you can.
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If you mean the savegames, they are at My Documents\\Codemasters\\GRID atleast in XP.
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