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How do you get Memtest to boot

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I am having a small issue with memtest86+. I can't get it to boot. I already set my boot preferences to boot my CD drive before my HDD, so that isn't the issue. So it must be how I am putting it on the disk. What do I do? It comes as an .iso file. Do I just burn that or do I have to burn it as a bootable image. What program do I use.
Thanks for the information. I am having a lot of trouble again tonight and am getting bloody frustrated
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Burn iso image to CD using Alcohol 120%
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You have to burn the image onto a disc. You can use ImgBurn to burn it.
you need to burn the ISO image onto a disc using software... I use magiciso, but that needs registration...
You have to make sure you close the CD. I use burncdcc to burn .iso files. Just make sure to click finalize.

ISO recorder is another great program for doing it. After you install it, you just right click on the iso, and copy to cd...very light weight, simple utility.
Wow you guys are great - thanks for all the fast responses
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