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Well, most topics related to this problem have to do with your DMZ (De-Militarization Zone) in your router or ports blocked by your firewall, so it's not going to be that easy if you have no experience.<br><br>
Also, I see you signed up <b>just</b> for help on this, which is kind of a turn-off on most forums. Especially since you don't seem too willing to even put in an effort.<br><br>
But, being part of the helpful community we are, I'll attempt to help ya:<br><br>
1. Access your router options by typing your router's local IP in to your file or internet browser. If you have a D-Link router your address will be and if you have a Linksys router it will be<br>
When prompt to type in an account and password, type "admin" for the account and "admin" for the password. If this does not work try a variation of generic passwords, such as "password", the name of your internet provider, or simply leave the field blank. If you can not guess the password chances are your administrator (father, roommate, boss.. whoever it is) has changed the password, so you'll have to get it from him. I won't tell you how to get passed it another way as that isn't ethical.<br><br>
2. Find the DMZ options when in your router configuration page. For most routers you should be able to find it by going to the 'Advanced' section of the options, then going to the DMZ options, which you should find there.<br><br>
3. If you don't know your local IP address, find it out now, as you'll need to enter your computer's local address in to the DMZ option's text field to allow your computer to be seen on the net.<br>
You can find your IP address by either going to the DHCP or LAN sections of your router configuration page or by opening the command line (Start Menu > Run > "CMD") and typing "ipconfig"<br><br>
4. Enter your local address in to the DMZ options, apply/enable/allow it (whichever button you have), and voila! Your computer is now allowed to accept incoming traffic without a previous request, therefore letting people join your game.<br><br>
You can also do this by port forwarding, which is more safe security-wise than simply sticking your computer in the DMZ zone, but DMZ is the easiest enough to comprehend.
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