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They also make 2 way audio switches such as these:


keep in mind, you will need to take the audio from your PC's sound card and convert it to RCA for this one I posted to work. Otherwise, you can find one that does A/B switching on 3.5mm headphones, but then you need to switch your xbox's from RCA to 3.5mm. So one or the other will need to be converted.

Considering the adapters for both cost about the same, its up to you which way you go. Honestly the RCA A/B switches are way easier to find, so all you would really need to do is get 2 of the 3.5mm to RCA Y cables (around 3m/6 feet each or so), take one from your comps headphone out to the Input A of this device, plug in the xbox's RCAs to input B, then take another 3.5mm to RCA 3m cable and take it from the output of the A/B switch to your monitors sound input. adjust lengths to fit your rooms layout. Then when you want to switch between Xbox and PC sound you just hit the toggle switch. cool part about this setup is you have the option to switch to PC audio and have your MP3 player going while you game on xbox
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