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Hello there,

Trying to put together an evoluting loop.

Starting with CPU only, but planning to later add a single GPU block (EKWB-5970).

Here's what i just ordered for my I7 950 (4Ghz oc):

-EKWB EK-SUPREME HF full copper (will my 1/2 straight compression fittings fit ?)
-Laing DDC-1T 12 Volts 10W pump (MCP-350)
-XSPC Plexi DDCRES for Laing DDC pump
-XSPC RX360 radiator
-3x (6x ?) Noctua NFP 12 fans
-1/2 Feser tubing.

Will the MCP350 pump handle an additional GPU block ?

How would this single loop perform with 4ghz+ overclockings ?

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like a great build. The EK Supreme HF is the best block on the market right now. You will easily be able to use two straight compression fittings. The 350+ pump top is great, I have the 355 + same top and I love it. The 350 will have no problem pushing through the loop you mentioned.

With 4 GHz+ you will see load temps around 63-70C. (depends on voltage)

Push-pull (6 fans) increases radiator performance by about 25%.

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